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We want to thank all of those who have participated in our Dental Manager Network Society™ events over the past 4 years.   We have made great friendships and have learned so much from each other, as well as gained knowledge from all of the excellent speakers we have had at our meetings.  It's been a great journey and glad you have been along for the ride!

Bob Sherwood, was our speaker at our 11/15/18 meeting. Those in attendance learned about the IdentiMap app to use as a tool for hiring staff as well as a communication tool to determine differences between co-workers.

Great ideas were generated during our Round Table Discussions - some highlights included:

Policies on Use of Phones and Social Media During Work

  • Implement and have a policy and be consistent in using it.
  • Have emergency type calls come to the front desk, not your personal cell phone.
  • All phones go in a basket and can be retrieved during between patients and lunch time.

Explaining Insurance Benefits

  • Use layman's terms when explaining the course of treatment needed and the estimated out of pocket expenses.
  • If you do pre-determinations, be sure to follow up on outstanding requests in a timely manner.

Collecting Payment at Time of Service

  • Collect payments before the patient goes back for their appointment.
  • Look the patient in the eyes when explaining what is due and say "It will be five hundred", not "It will be five hundred dollars".
  • Need to designate staff who are confident in collecting payments.
2018 Board of Directors: (left to right) Sandi Weinzatl (Event/Hospitality Chair), Lori McLaughlin (President & Program Chair), Lori Ridder (Sec/Tres), Laura Olvera (Exec Dir), (Michelle Pfister (Board Business Partner), and Michelle Atchity (Board Business Partner)

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