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Membership Categories:

  • Category I: Manager Member                    $100

    Manager Members are those individuals who are engaged, through employment, in the management of dental or oral surgery practice(s) in the State of Missouri and/or Kansas and are considered Category I members with voting rights.  (Note: Even if your title isn't Manager, but  you are the main staff member running the practice, you are eligible to join)

  • Category II: Business Partner (Vendor)   $250

    Business Partners are vendors who sell products and/or services to the dental or oral surgery industry and are considered Category II members with no voting rights.  Membership is limited to 30% of the Category I membership (dental managers).  In the event that Category I membership falls, and the Category II membership exceeds the allowed percentage, this category will be frozen.  Category II members will be added on a first-come, first-serve basis with the approval of the Membership Committee or Board of Directors. Up to two representatives from each firm will be eligible for membership.

Note: There will also be a $35.00  fee to attend our membership meetings - this will be for the program and your meal. Fees Paid are not Tax Deductible.

Membership dues are due annually on your anniversary date. For renewing members, you will receive an automatic renewal notice and payment is due upon receipt. If not paid within 30 days, your membership will be considered delinquent.

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Manager Members

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Business Partners (Vendors)

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